Me and…Carole Harder

If you’ve been following my blog, then you know that it has only been up for a couple of hours. You should also know 2 things:

  • 1) I am not interesting enough for you to follow that closely.
  • 2) This entry is a little about me- as promised in the prior blog.

You can find out general things about me on the AboutDavidHenderson page. Satisfied? Stop reading. For more specifics, see below:

I have two jobs: aircraft rescue firefighting and preaching. I’ve been a firefighter for 3 years and a preacher for 7.

I’m 29. I can’t wait to be 30 and older. I think I can have a greater effect on people if they perceive me as “30 and older.” I think most young people feel that way from time to time. When I was in High School, one woman had the nerve to tell a group of my peers and me that we mattered and could make a difference. Her name was Carole Harder.

Who is Carole Harder?

The funny thing is, I doubt Carole remembers who I am while she continues to have a profound effect on my life and my outlook on it.

Carole and whatever group she was working with invited a group of my peers and me to a seminar for a day. She was speaking to us motivationally, but I would hate to tag her simply as a motivational speaker.

She told us some things that we knew: as teenagers, the world viewed us as lazy, criminally minded, mischievous, ungrateful beings. The news would capitalize on failures from our age group and feed the insatiable appetite of every greater generation that has gone before who, for some reason, loves to say, “Kids these days…” and “This generation is so much worse…”. The worst part wasn’t what would be reported or what those older than us would say, but that we teenagers would believe it. Thinking that they were right, we would allow someone else’s presupposition about our failures to define our actions.

Then Carole told us something we didn’t know and something that many have never grasped: the news and those people were wrong.

The truth was found in our potential for greatness. No matter what the world thought, the truth was that we were going to take over the world and we could make that world what we wanted. That came with a challenge and a great encouragement: be great. Never settle for second-rate when you knew that you’ve always dreamt of more.

None of this had anything to do with materialism. It was a call to leadership and action and bravery. People don’t call teenagers to those things- and they are missing a TREMENDOUS opportunity and resource. In an adult world where energy and passion seem to wane, how precious ought those spiritual gifts be. How often we who are aging ought to seek out that resource!

So, one of my goals is to pass on that message. Encourage the young. Not patronize–encourage. Listen to them. I mean LISTEN. Give them what they need to go forth and conquer.

If you’re younger–as I was in high school–I can’t tell you how impressed I am with you.

Keep up the great work.

I’m going to try to email Carole. I Googled her and found this website: Global Leadership Connection

That’s her in the big picture with those cool hoop earrings. Memory flood!

Thanks, Carole.


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