Natural Rights

Humans have rights. Specifically, the right to life, the right to liberty, and the right to property. I want to spend some time with these today, but before we can, one thing must be understood: our rights are inherent in our nature. Another way to phrase this is that they are God-given and self-evident.

The next most important point to understand is not simply where the rights come from, but where they do not come from: government. You have these rights because you are a human–specifically a human created by God. These rights came to life before government, which points out exactly what the sole purpose of government is: to protect your God-given rights. That’s all, please. Thank you.

Our Natural Rights


This one ought to be relatively simple. In fact, all of these should be simple, but we tend to over-philosophize (which is most certainly a word) and destroy concepts altogether.

I say the Right to Life ought to be simple because it is the most important and obvious of our rights. You have the right to live. Is that so because I said it? Surely we don’t think that this right is here because some government gave us permission to live. Don’t call me Shirley.

No, the Right to Life is granted to EVERY person (not just every American). So, if we agree that the government’s purpose is to protect this right, then we must apply the concept consistently.


For this reason, I am against abortion. While I believe this is a concept that we can derive from the Bible, I don’t think you necessarily have to believe in the Bible or even God to agree: you simply have to believe that you have a right to life. If you have a right to life, then so does the living being in the womb, and that life must be protected as well.

Defensive Rights

I also believe that you have the responsibility of protecting your own life falls to you first: you have the right to defend your life. If someone is threatening your life, you will (hopefully) instinctively defend yourself. You may flee, or you may fight. Either way, protect your life.

But we must also apply government’s role here, as well. They are to protect life–not just of unborn children, but those of all ages. This ought to define our military’s role. Defend the people–protect their lives with a strong military defense.

This also must restrict our military. Never send our people–of any age–into an unnecessary, life-endangering situation. Protect life by denouncing war. War is awful. Agree with me there, and do your best to prevent it. We ought to respect and appreciate the soldiers who have been and are willing to fight for our country. The best way to do that is not to send them to die all over the world.


You are free.

I actually just deleted about two pages worth of rambling to type just that sentence.

You are free to live, think, and speak however you would like. To stop that for one individual because you disagree with them is to give them the right to do the same to you. Freedom comes with risks–but those risks teach the free to make better decisions. Freedom, therefore, leads us to a better, more moral, and more prosperous society. The more we remove freedom, the further we come away from improvement in morality and prosperity. Unfortunately, we usually think that morality and prosperity ought to be forced on people, especially when they are a little slow to get the point. But guess what–people who are forced are not moral. They are robots. Poor robots whose money you have stolen. Calm down…

A good example is charity vs. welfare. People, generally, think that being generous and helping out those less fortunate than oneself is good. We tend to see someone in need and help them. Because of this, people in the government decided it would be a good idea to mandate charity from any who have income and bestow it upon those with less income. This has severe ramifications that were probably unseen at the outset of the idea (unless it was a complete conspiracy and people wanted to find a way to look good and manipulate the masses…). When you take money out of my paycheck to give to the masses, it affects the amount of money I put in the bank. Say I divide my income up into percentages, 50% on bills, 30% on necessary expenditures, and 20% on charity, savings, and entertainment. Now say that I used to make $100.00 That’s $50 for bills, $30 for expenses, and $20 for charity (namely church contribution), savings, and entertainment. Unfortunately for me, you take $20 for taxes to give out to people everywhere. Now I have $80. That doesn’t translate across the board. I still need $50 for bills and $30 for expenses. That charity has to be put on hold for a) adjustment in my budget, or b) a raise. That means that the church will get less money with which to care for its members. That translates to churches that don’t care. That translates to hypocritical Christianity. That translates to people not wanting Christianity or anything associated with it. That translates to immorality. Terrific.

I doubt that it can all be made as linear as that, and I hope that no one’s Christianity is based on whether the church can provide for them financially, but maybe you catch my drift.

Freedom is better. DEFINITELY more to come on that later.


This doesn’t simply mean land, although land is included. You are the rightful owner of land and possessions that you appropriately acquire, but more importantly of your self. You own your body, your mind, and your personality. Those are yours. What you think is absolutely yours.

I was very proud of people in Texas who recently took a bold stance on this subject. The Texas government, under the supervision of Governor Rick Perry, tried to impose a REQUIRED vaccine on women as young as 8. The people taking that stance realized that NO person or body of people has any right to dictate what will be injected into your body or that of your children. In fact, the very thought is disgusting.

When we think about freedom, though, you also have the right to completely destroy your own body. Now- this is one of those risks. Do drugs, destroy self. It is immoral and down right stupid. But it is your choice.

I have a right to my property as well, though, fool. Your second hand smoke will not affect me. Why? Because I will choose not to go to PRIVATE establishments that allow smoking (as is their right on their land). I also will not allow you to smoke on my land.

Use dirty language on your own property or on one’s property who allows it. I will not use it. I will not allow my children to tune into your television channel if filthy language, coarse jesting, or whatever else I consider immoral is on it. If all TV becomes that way, we won’t watch it. If more people choose to be more morally conservative, then you will be forced to cater to it or fail as a business. If the government gives you grants or loans or sustains you some other way…that can’t happen.

You know what? This is starting to be a ramble. I need to re-visit and consolidate my thoughts. If you can’t be clear and concise, then you really don’t know exactly what you mean, right? That’s why I can’t run for office until 2016. So stop asking until then.

Here you go for now:

If you come on to my property and are unwelcome, I will ask you to leave. If that does not happen I will forcefully remove you. If you act in a threatening way toward my family or me I will shoot you.


4 thoughts on “Natural Rights

  1. Great points here! I really like your example of how welfare affects true charity. The consequences of allowing government do our giving for us go much further than less money in our wallets.

  2. Ha..thanks, everyone. I felt like I really couldn’t get my thoughts out here… It was a mix of passion and never having actually sat down to write anything about the topic before…
    Probably a bad mix.

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