I am David Henderson.

I love and believe in Christ, and I follow His Word. If the Bible doesn’t support it, I don’t subscribe to it.

I love my family. I have a wife and I have forgotten what life was like without her there. She is amazing and we like each other. Well…I like her. We have three children- all boys. I am constantly impressed by them–many times despite my shortcomings as a father. We all have fun.

I love my country. This needs to be clear for the times I discuss our government…which I am not always fond of. Not only are the two entities different, but we are patriotic when we question government constantly. That’s our founding heritage, right? If the Constitution doesn’t support it, I don’t subscribe to it.

I like economics. That’s a recent development, though.

I really like reading. Also recent.

I very much enjoy talking about things that matter–things that someone is passionate about when that passion comes from a desire to change something.

I also just found out that I like Farkle. I’ve known for a while that I don’t like Fergie. I mean the music. I don’t know the person- I hope she’s nice.


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